本文摘要:On Tuesday, Apple unveiled a new bigger iPhone and the smartwatch aficionados have been waiting for. Fortune had 30 minutes to try them both out. What we found in our limited test were two impressive devices in keeping with Apple’s reputat


On Tuesday, Apple unveiled a new bigger iPhone and the smartwatch aficionados have been waiting for. Fortune had 30 minutes to try them both out. What we found in our limited test were two impressive devices in keeping with Apple’s reputation for innovation and design. But some questions still remain.周二,苹果公布了疯狂果粉们盼望已幸的新iPhone大屏手机和智能手表。《财富》有30分钟的时间体验这两款产品。在我们受限的测试中,我们找到,这两款令人印象深刻印象的产品维持了苹果仍然以来在创意和设计方面的声誉,但是它们依然不存在一些问题。Apple Watch苹果智能手表Apple’s new smartwatch arrives amid a watch boomlet from companies like Samsung, Sony, and Motorola. When Apple Watch arrives early next year, the $349 device (at least for the low-end design) will come in two different watch face sizes with wrist straps made of leather, synthetic materials and metal. Its 1.5- and 1.65-inch displays use scratch-resistant glass. Sensors on the back of the watch face detect a user’s pulse to track things like calories burned and distance walked or run.苹果的全新智能手表公布上市时,三星、索尼和摩托罗拉等公司的智能手表正处于一段时间的兴旺时期。

明年年初苹果智能手表上市时,这款售价为349美元的设备(最少低端设计的价格为349美元)将有两种有所不同的仪表盘尺寸(1.5英寸和1.65英寸),腕带将由皮革、制备材料和金属做成,而仪表盘用于的材料是防刮玻璃。仪表盘背面的传感器可以检测用户的脉搏,以追踪自燃的卡路里和走路或跑步的距离等指标。Up close, the Apple Watch is among the sleekest smart watches on the market, matched only in looks by Motorola’s Moto 360. Most smart watches look clunky or uninspired — just a few rungs above those kitschy calculator watches made popular in the 1980s. But Apple’s does a good job masquerading as a slick, traditional timepiece. It’s just small and thin enough — even for folks with smaller wrists like myself — and the premium wrist straps provided in the demos feature the kind of materials found in Swatch or higher-end time pieces.仔细检查后,我们找到,苹果智能手表是市场上造型最典雅的智能手表之一,仅有摩托罗拉的Moto 360可以与其外形相匹敌。


苹果智能手表充足小,而且轻巧——即使是对像我这样手腕很细的人也是如此——而且,样品的优质腕带还用于了与斯沃琪(Swatch)或更加高档手表完全相同的材料。The watch I spent time with was a size 38 — Apple will sell two sizes, 38 millimeters and 42 millimeters — with the leather strap made of the same thin, flat material used in Apple’s leather iPad cases. For an iPad case, it’s nice, actually, and keeps bulk to a minimum. But when used for a watch strap, that same thin, flat material felt sort of cheap to me. That’s a matter of opinion, of course, and users will have watch strap options, regardless.我试用的手表尺寸为38毫米——苹果公司将出售两种尺寸的手表,尺寸分别为38毫米和42毫米。皮质表带用于与苹果iPad皮套完全相同的、薄而平的材料做成。对于iPad外套而言,这种材料显然很不俗,而且可以将体积缩至大于。


On the right side of the watch face are two buttons — a dial called the “digital crown,” which operates a lot like the crowns people used to wind up their old watches. Only here, that dial helps to navigate menus on the screen. Screwing the dial left and right zooms in and out on the apps featured on the main screen. Meanwhile, pressing a button below the digital crown brings up a brief list of favorite friends and family members.仪表盘的右侧有两个按钮——一个被称作“数码表冠”的拨盘,拨盘的操作者很像人们过去用来给手表上发条的表冠。不过,对于苹果智能手表而言,拨盘是用来导航系统屏幕菜单的。将拨给盘向左或右转动,可以将主屏幕上表明的应用于缩放或增大。

同时,按下拨盘下面的按钮,将不会表明好友和家人的详细列表。Apple argues this feature will become popular with people seeking a shortcut to quickly their contact list. As an example, Apple SVP of Operations Jeff Williams measured his heartbeat with a watch and sent it to one of his buddies, in this case, Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue, who was onstage.苹果声称,这款功能不会在那些期望较慢寻找通讯录的人中大受欢迎。比如,苹果公司运营高级副总裁杰夫o威廉姆斯(Jeff Williams)用于手表测量跳动,然后将跳动数据发送给他的一个朋友——比如当时正在台上的苹果互联网软件和服务高级副总裁埃迪o库埃。

In the real world, I can’t see pulse-tracking being shared this way at all, but I can see this becoming useful if I want to dictate a text to a friend while out jogging. Apple also made a big deal over two new fitness apps — one for tracking my movements everyday, the other for tracking specific activities like a 5-mile run — but I wasn’t able to test those out.在现实世界中,我从未见过用这种方式来共享脉搏追踪数据的情况,但是,如果我想要在过来跑步的时候向朋友口授一个文本,这个功能就十分简单了。苹果还花费大量的精力制作了两款新的身体健康应用程序——一款用作追踪用户每天的活动,另一款用作追踪特定的活动(比如5公里跑)——但是我没能测试这两款应用程序。If you’re not used to larger smartphones from Samsung and the like, cradling the larger iPhone 6 in one hand will come as a shock. This thing is thin-and-light, but it’s big, like a miniature iPad Mini. At 4.7-inches, the smaller iPhone 6 is just .7 -inches larger than the iPhone 5S, so the difference there is negligible.如果你不习惯三星等品牌的大屏智能手机,那么把尺寸更大的iPhone 6放到手上将不会让你深感震惊。

这款手机重、厚,但是相当大,像小型的iPad Mini一样。而较小一些的4.7英寸版iPhone 6仅有比iPhone 5S大0.7英寸,所以尺寸差异可以忽略不计。But both models now sport an aluminum back that curves around to the front, so there are less seams or gaps in the body. Despite being lightweight, they feel extremely well-made, even more so than the iPhone 5S. A new A8 chip inside zipped along while surfing the web or switching among apps I had open, but the 5S isn’t sluggish either, truth be told. How the iPhone 6 handles 3-D graphics-heavy mobile games should be a better indicator of how powerful Apple’s new chip is.但是,这两款手机的背面皆使用铝合金,背面和正面之间的边框变为了弧面,这样机身的支架或缝隙显得更加较少。


尽管iPhone 6和iPhone 6+较轻,但是给人的感觉是制作精美,甚至比iPhone 5S还要好。里面配备全新的A8芯片,在网际网路时,或在关上的应用于间转换时,皆十分简洁,但说实话,5S在这方面也很出众。

iPhone 6处置具备大量3D图形的移动游戏的性能,应当更加能反映苹果新的芯片的强劲程度。While Apple’s latest devices seem impressive on first blush, questions remain. Wearable tech, particularly watches, are such a new device category, it’s unclear whether there’s a huge appetite for them, even those sold by Apple. (Do enough Apple users want a watch that communicates with their phones?). Apple also failed to mention the watch’s battery life, a feature CEO Tim Cook bragged about for the iPhone 6 — a worrisome sign, but it also could be because the Apple Watch doesn’t hit until next year. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 is well-made, but the company’s Apple Pay payment system, which works via a chip inside the phone, could see the same fate as Google Wallet if enough retailers don’t sign-on. But at least one thing was clear: Apple intrigued people — a lot of people — on Tuesday. So mission accomplished.第一眼看见苹果的近期设备或许让人印象深刻印象,但是这些设备依然有一些问题。可穿着技术,尤其是手表,是十分新的设备类别,目前还不确切人们对这些设备的市场需求大不大,即使是苹果手表也无法确认这一点。

(否有充足多的苹果用户想要享有与手机相连的手表呢?)。另外,苹果没提到手表的电池寿命,而CEO蒂姆o库克(Tim Cook)肆意称赞了iPhone 6的电池寿命——这是一个令人不安的迹象,但也有可能是因为苹果智能手指出年才开始上市。

同时,虽然iPhone 6制作精美,但是,如果没充足的零售商登记,那么苹果公司的Apple Pay缴纳系统(系统通过手机内的芯片运营)有可能面对着与谷歌钱包(Google Wallet)完全相同的命运。然而,最少有一点很确切:在周二,苹果再度沦为了万众瞩目的焦点。

所以苹果公司就早已已完成了任务。For more, keep an eye out for Fortune’s full reviews of the iPhone 6 later this September and Apple Watch early next year. But don’t let that stop you from weighing in now. What did you think, Fortune readers? Did Apple deliver, or fall flat? Weigh in with comments below.要提供更加多信息,请求得失《财富》9月份几天后对iPhone 6以及明年初对苹果智能手表的全面评论。




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